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How To Find A Job - 5 Resources To Help You Find A New Job

By: Waller Jamison

Knowing how to find a job is not always easy, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you. Here are 5 of the most common ones. [ Read more... ]

Us Job Losses Diminishing - Get Ready For An Uptick In The Job Market

By: Andrea Davis

Here's some news that might be worth cheering about...According to the August 2009 Employment Situation report issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, the economy lost 216,000 jobs in August. So what's so good about that, you ask? Apparently it's less than what most experts expected. So job losses are diminishing, but (and here's the no so great news) the overall unemployment rate is 9.7 percent. This is the highest it's been since 1983. [ Read more... ]

Customer Service Jobs Posted On Craigslist - How To Avoid Frauds

By: Adnan Masood

If you are looking for a customer service job, you should visit This classified service has a jobs section and you will find many customer service jobs posted. Unfortunately, you may also run into a few scams. How can you avoid them? [ Read more... ]

General Labor Jobs On Craigslist - How To Search Quickly And Effectively

By: Adnan Masood

Are you a job seeker who is looking for general labor jobs? If so, you can and should turn to This popular classified website and service is a great job search tool. However, with a recent spike in popularity, you may find hundreds of general labor jobs listed. How can you quickly and effectively search these jobs? Continue reading on for a few helpful tips. [ Read more... ]

Finding Jobs Near Me

By: Joanell Hutchinson

[ Read more... ]

What Type Of Work Can Teens Get?

By: Kenneth Sampson

The older a teen is, the more likely a business will take a chance on them and hire them for a summer job. Anytime a teen is hired, the employer is taking a chance because teens just don't have the work history to show whether they are reliable. Of course in exchange for this risk, the company is getting someone who is willing to work for minimum wage and will do some of the jobs that it is hard to get an adult to do. [ Read more... ]

How To Apply For Jobs - In Person And Online Job Submission

By: Sanjay Kak

In today's world applying for a job is relatively easy as compared to my time when you have to scan through the newspaper classifieds. Get your resume typed and make photo copies of it. Then note down addresses of each job advertisement and apply individually be sending a snail mail. Last thing was to sit down and hope some day a interview letter will reach your door step. [ Read more... ]

Listen Up, Student - Start Your Part-time Job Now Or You Won't Be Hired After Graduation

By: Damen Choy

For college students, gaining work experience with a part time job while in school is a smart idea. When you graduate and begin your job search, your work experience will make you stand out from other job applicants. [ Read more... ]

Retirement Jobs - How To Find The One You Love

By: Carla Vaughan-Bosteder

Even though people may say you're "over the hill", you have many miles to go before you think of settling down for good! If you know where to look for them, there are many good jobs just for the right person. It just may as well be you! [ Read more... ]

Ten Techniques To Stay Confident During A Job Transition

By: Alvah Parker

Your confidence can erode during a job transition. As you move from the known to the unknown you feel unsettled and off balance. It is easy to begin to doubt your own abilities. This can happen during any type of job transition. Whether you doing a job search, have accepted some new responsibilities added to your old job, or are starting a new job, transitions can be rough on your confidence level. Here are some exercises that will help you build and maintain your confidence. [ Read more... ]

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