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Technical Communication - 4 Computer Industry Technical Writing Jobs That Pay Well

By: Ugur Akinci

If you are a technical writer with a science or engineering degree, or have extensive on the job experience with computer systems, you can find yourself a well-paying job as a technical communicator in one of the below four well-paying niches: [ Read more... ]

Career Placement Test - Take Some Tests And Find Your Best Job

By: Paul Sarwanawadya

Teenagers are not the only people who are still undecided about what they want to be when they grow up. Many forty year olds are still trying to figure out just what type of job or career is the right path for them. If you are someone that is ready to finally make a change but you are not sure what you should be doing then you may want to look into taking a career placement test. Even though you may think it is unusual to take such assessments, more and more people are starting to see the benefits in them. [ Read more... ]

4 Proven Tactics For An Aggressive Job Search

By: Kelly Donovan

An aggressive job-search is not centered solely around one method, such as online job boards, newspaper ads or networking. [ Read more... ]

Landing A Job In The Oil Gas Profession

By: Frank Cullen

Oil and gas jobs are and always have been a flourishing profession. The petroleum industry is booming and there is a constant ongoing worker shortage. Despite the demand for workers, it takes more than a list of addresses and phone numbers to land an oil and gas job. It not only takes having in-depth industry knowledge and a proven strategy; you will also need to have an understanding of the oil and gas industry's insider tips. [ Read more... ]

Getting That High Paying Oil Job

By: Frank Cullen

Landing an oil job means one thing, good payday ahead. Consider this; an average salary for the gas job is around $50,000. This means a regular worker will receive at least $40,000 in a year for jobs in oil, although it may vary depending on the company, location, industry and one's experience. This is more than what one can get in aviation industry which is considered to be the next high paying job. [ Read more... ]

Painting Business - Offering Samples Can Help You Secure Jobs

By: P E Cavanaugh

Choosing the right painting business to complete projects can be a chore. Since you want those looking to choose you, give them something concrete to work with. One of the easiest and most effective ways of doing this is to offer them samples. You can have them made of different types of finish you can offer. That way they can see for themselves what would look great. [ Read more... ]

Interview Tips To Assist You In Getting Your Ideal Job

By: Louisa Anderson

This article gives some useful hints on how to find your ideal job. As the job market is now even more competitive than ever, you need to give employers every reason to pick you when you get to the important stage of being invited for a job interview. [ Read more... ]

Paint Jobs - How Much Does It Cost To Paint? Estimating Paint Jobs

By: P E Cavanaugh

Estimating a Painting Job [ Read more... ]

Thumbs Up For Green Jobs In The Uk

By: Dan Black

For the past few years London and the United Kingdom has seen loads of job losses throughout the financial and property sectors, resulting in a massive gap in the employment market and opened up huge long term potential for all green jobs in London and the UK which also seems to be leading to fantastic pay rises in jobs related to climate change, sustainable living and corporate social responsibility. [ Read more... ]

Finding A Job To Fill The Teen's Tank

By: Brian Little

As parents, we all know our teenagers can spend money in the blink of an eye. With gas prices hovering around $4.05 per gallon, life can be difficult for both you and your teenager. Prices for movies, concert tickets, and video games are showing no signs of dropping. [ Read more... ]

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