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Nanny & Babysitting Jobs - Challenge For Family And Caregiver

By: Oswald Eppers

It is a well-known social phenomenon that changing parental work patterns have transformed our all-family life over the past 30 years. One of the most dramatic changes is the increased rate of paid employment among mothers with children. According to published data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall maternal labor force rose from 38 to almost 70 percent during the last 30 years and for mothers with youngest children below the age of 3, this rate rose from 24 to 57 percent. [ Read more... ]

Tips For Staying Motivated In Your Job Search

By: Tony Jacowski

Listed below are a few useful tips that will help you to stay motivated during your job hunt and help you to find the perfect job. [ Read more... ]

How To Apply For Freelance Editing Jobs

By: Jordan Matthews

Do you excel in grammar, or a particular language more than most people? Freelance editing jobs might be the best route for you to take concerning your job future. For those of you that are not aware what freelance editing jobs entail, the job of editor is an important one. The following article will attempt to explain some of the necessity of freelance editing jobs, and what is required of those that apply for these jobs. [ Read more... ]

How Employers Can Make The Most Of Job Listings

By: Mort Ferguson

Looking for a job used to be a full time job in itself. Thankfully due to modern technology and the Internet, it is no longer as difficult as in the past. Applicants have become adept at job searching, and employers in turn have become proficient about listing their jobs in numerous places so they are easy to find. However, as an employer you still need to be able to make the most of job listings to stay organized and draw the types of applicants you hope to eventually hire. [ Read more... ]

Match The Best Employment Categories For That Specific Job

By: Shane Duffy

[ Read more... ]

Six Critical Factors To Make Your Dream Job Live

By: Martin Haworth

When we think of a dream job, the first thing that comes to mind are those cliched dream jobs involving tons of money and not a lot of work. The reality of a dream job is very different, though. [ Read more... ]

Online Data Entry Jobs Reviewed

By: Crystal Booth

There are many sites offering Data Entry from home. Generally, this is submitting ads to Google or Yahoo that draw customers searching for the content. You are paid a commission through ClickBank whenever someone buys the product. This can earn you a great income since the commission usually is 50 - 75% of the purchase price. This is referred to as either Worldwide or Global Data Entry. You can obtain this or similar programs for $49.95 or $99.95 depending on the company you purchase it from. Some are even higher or there is a monthly fee involved. [ Read more... ]

Writing The Job Specification

By: Christine Young

Invest some time in evaluating the skills and type of person you want for a position before placing a job advertisement or registering a job vacancy with an employment agency. [ Read more... ]

Job Search Engines: An Effective Job-hunting Tool

By: Dave Poon

Nowadays, looking for a job is easy; this is because of the tools available online. One effective tool for job hunting is job search engine. It allows you to look for job vacancies on a certain area or even globally. What these job search engines do is create a bank of jobs, which came from different companies. Then, they categorized the collected data so that job seekers can easily locate a job appropriate for them. [ Read more... ]

Guide To The Hospitality Industry And Hotel Jobs

By: Claire Calkin

Before you make a life changing job decision such as throwing in your old job, and possibly relocating for hotel jobs, it is important that you know what the work entails, and what you can expect when applying for hotel jobs in the hospitality industry. There are many reasons why you may want to work in the hospitality industry in a hotel job. [ Read more... ]

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