The Three Biggest Job Search Mistakes

By: Timothy Mason

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Do you blame the economy for making you stay at a dead end job? You feel you are stuck at your current job because there are no good jobs available in today's economy. Well you are not alone. Many people feel the same way.

But is this honest? Is it really the economy's fault or is it your fault and you are using the economy as an excuse to not look for a different job? Once you have joined the club of reality, read on.

Even in today's economy, good jobs can be found; it just takes a little more time and effort to find them. Stop making excuses and get out there and find the job you want. Read the next part very carefully, it could prevent you from making a fatal mistake.

Lesson One
Look for and find a job that you want to do. Do not base your job search on what others think you would be good at doing. You know you better than anyone else. You surely have a good idea of the types of jobs you would enjoy doing.

In today's economic situation, it is vitally important to be passionate about what you want and equally passionate when it comes to finding the perfect job. If your heart is not in it then you are doomed before you ever start.

Lesson two
The best jobs are those that are filled via word of mouth. They never have to advertise because the best people for the job come highly recommended by others associated with the company. Someone who knows someone talks to someone, then that person talks to someone, and so on.

Network for the job you want. Tell everyone you know about the job you are after. Ask everyone you know if they know of someone you could talk to about the job. Talking to everyone you know and getting them to talk to everyone they know is called networking.

Lesson Three
Take action now, do not delay, time is of the essence. You can find an entirely new job market through networking. It is the best way to find your dream job. Do not make the mistake of thinking small. Be creative and talk to everyone. Talk to the cashier at the grocery store. Talk to the bank teller when you cash your unemployment check. Talk to the mail carrier and the paper boy. You never know who others might know. It could land you the job of a life time. Being highly recommended from a friend of a friend is much better than being one of hundreds turning in applications for dead end jobs.

Searching for employment can be an overwhelming undertaking. With all the competition doing lots generally has to be matched with value for success. Have a look at Target Jobs [] for constructive recommendations and also Target Employment application. Having sound suggestion saves time searching for what may work through having to look through what doesn't. By receiving solid help probably will boost one's chances of separating yourself from the opposition.

The employment marketplace is forever shifting and the individuals who are able to adapt the quickest often will be the ones that get first choice of the top opportunities. Through the accessibility of information and the upgrades in computer, searching for work is not what it once was.

The game has changed in a huge way and at the moment people have to not only manage to deliver a total package of abilities and knowledge for the profession but have got to also learn extra competencies to even be given an meeting for the occupation you want.

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